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14 February 2009 @ 08:01 pm
Yoko Rittona Revoltech Photo-Review  
So I got a few figures this week, which I will be reviewing as well. One of them was a Fraulein Revoltech Yoko Rittona. I am not gonna lie, I hate revoltechs, but Yoko was too cute to let her pass.

(Sorry about the picture size >_<)

I just love the box revoltechs come in. It looks so simple and neat.

Look at her! Isn't she a cutie? The only thing I don't like about this character is her huge cup size. I'm not into big boobs.

Great paintjob on the face, but I've seen better from GoodSmile Company.

I just love her glasses, and her giant gun.

Hmm. Looks too... naked, without her muffler.

Another look into her beautiful face. :D Love the goggles.

Her gun is very well made, and very detailed. The pink strip is a bit elastic, but you don't wanna pull it too fast, it'll probably snap.

Took me a while to figure out you weren't supposed to put both of the stands at the same time. :/

"Peace out!"

So all in all I'm pretty happy with the figure. It's very well made, but it has very, very limited motion, unlike figmas. I do like the fact that her huge ponytail has a regular revoltech joint as well. Gives it more movement, though I'm still all in for figmas.

My favorite part of her though, has to be the muffler. It's so damn cute.

Say what you want, but I think Suzaku looks rad with that pink muffler.

Pose: 5/10
Paintjob: 9/10
Quality: 8/10 (Feels very filmsy..)

For many more pictures, please go to: http://gallery.me.com/danniel/100131