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20 February 2009 @ 11:32 pm
figma archetype:he/she  
I'm pretty excited about these two.

「figma archetype:he」

「figma archetype:she」

I really like their looks.
They would look pretty good on my desktop. The best part about them, is that since they aren't any character, you don't expect them to have a set attitude, such as being a serious character, or a joyful character or whatever they are.

I'd have a lot of fun posing these two :D

I already have them preordered and if all goes well, I should be receiving them in June.

I've also ordered Figma Kanu, who will be here next week, so I will be posting pics of her next thursday-friday!

More picss here http://akibahobby.net/2009/02/whl9_figma_archetype_sample.html