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04 March 2009 @ 12:14 am
What a wonderful world  

Man I love that cover so much.

So, 'sup l'journal!
I was looking at Danny Choo's shelves, and I thought they looked pretty damn cool, so, since I know my dad's work deals with buying many kinds of material and has people who can do the job for him, I asked him if he could get me custom acrylic shelves, and he said yes!
For once, my parents were supportive of my idea.
So anyway, he called right away since he is going out of town tomorrow and the person who is doing the shelves lives in that place he is going, so he asked him to have them done by tomorrow, since my dad will just be there for a day, so I'll probably get them tomorrow, or next day.

They'd be looking just like this.
I like the simple look, and since theyre only going to be there for displaying my figures, it's going to look pretty good along with my soon-to-come figma archetypes, in my opinion.

Oh that reminds me, I have package coming in tomorrow (probably), so yeah! More figures for me.
Man I really should stop buying so many figures. :|

So other than that, school's been fine and all, nothing out of the ordinary there..

So yeah!

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