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16 March 2009 @ 09:19 pm
Death, oh baby.  

You know that dying is fine, but maybe
I wouldn't like death if death were good.
Not even if death were good.

Long time no update!!
Sup peeps.
So my mom had surgery, but she's allrught now. She can't make a lot of movements because she risks damaging her insides it something though.

So I took advantage of the situation and pierced my lip! It lasted about 6 looong hours of suffering. :/

Not because of pain, there was no pain at all, but because I was scared someone would see it. x:
But I was home alone Most of the day and no one saw it. Boo.
It fell off that night and I couldn't put it back in :|

Everything's going well, and oh, This week I'm getting a new figure! Yeah can't wait. :D

Aside from that theres not much news so I'll leave you now.