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what the fack
07 February 2009 @ 12:17 am

Ehh. All is weird to me now.
I've been thinking about stuff.. And it makes me happy.. But it also makes me feel depressed..
It's hard to describe.. But talking to dave seems to help..


what the fack
05 February 2009 @ 01:54 am
So if when I go to highschool I get into photography class, I will probably get a Nikon D90.

omfg omfg omfg omfg.

Facking cool pro camera that also RECORDS 1280x720 FACKING HD VIDEO.

Also it's relatively cheap, compared to other pro cameras.
$1000 for the body, and 1300 for Body+Lens.

Though it only records video for 5 minutes.. :/
Still fukkin cool though.

Also, according to a personality test I took, I would make a good photographer and artist.. which is weird because I lack creativity, yet my sister says I take good abstract pictures, and draw good abstract drawings..

Anyway, if you wanna figure out your type, here's the test.

It's a quick test! I'm INTP.

Also I went back to that one high school and was told that I was an "excellent candidate" and that I was "very accepted".
Coolio. I think I still have to take another exam though. An academic exam. Eek.

I took an English exam at that school to be allocated in either basic or advanced English class.
It was a frikkin "complete the dialogues" exam, ffs.
Easy as pie. Only two of them I wasn't quite sure.
One of them said: "What's wrong? You look _____"
The possible answers were a) green b) something c) blue d) depressing
First I put blue, but I realized that depressing would fit better, so I just put that in.

and the other one had an extra "of" but it was the only coherent answer, so I guess that was it.
They gave me 1 hour and 40 minutes, but i finished in 20. Eh.

Soo.. Figma Yoite is on a short hiatus, as I FRIKKIN LOST THE HAIRPIECE I HAD MADE.
But right now i'll give it my all to school, so Yoite will wait till April vacations.

But I give you my word Dave, even if It's crappy, I'm going to finish it.

Also I found out i like exposing projects..
I swear to god.
I hadn't exposed anything in years.
So yeah, i guess I just usually overthink stuff and get nervous..

Hey apparently I can be a good writer! I can agree.
Architect, sure i used to wanna be one.
College professor? ew.
photographer is cool!
logician. Yeah..
neurologist! yeah men.
computer programmer.. eh i guess.
investigator. sure.

so yeah those are the ones i'm interested in.

Soo.. I'm off to bed now.
good nite peeps.

what the fack
04 February 2009 @ 01:15 am
Yay! So exam was cool and all.
I was supposed to finish in 30-40 minutes, I somehow ended up finishing in 10.

It was pretty simple yes or no questions about my personality.. and well, it's pretty simple to just check the ones you KNOW should be checked as a yes, even if you don't really believe so.

So.. yeah!

Apparently, if I get accepted, I can make use of their facilities right away, as soon as 3 days from now.
Hope I do!

Also, tomorrow I'm making an "english allocation exam" to figure out if i should be put in a Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced English class, and if I qualify to take the TOEFL, which, depending on the points i score on it, will help me get into the bicultural school year, which means half of my classes will be given in English, which would apparently look good on my 'resume' when i try to apply for college!

So yeah!
Pretty cool and all. There counselor who was with me was pretty nice and all.. but she treated me like I was already accepted.
:/ I don't wanna be disappointed if I don't get in, but I am pretty much used to disappointments that it doesn't affect me much anyway.

What else.. oh right, I fell asleep during afternoon and just woke up! I'm gonna go sleep again now though. Nite!

Oh and also, figma Yoite is looking good. I talked to a customizer, Jin Saotome, and he gave me some pretty useful tips for making custom figures.
He's a cool guy! And his custom figures are great.

So yeah, figma Yoite will continue progressing as soon as I get sandpaper and thick transparent vinyl, which he suggested I should use for clothes, because it can be painted and glued like regular plastic.

How come i never thought of that!?
I would guess that it can also be heated to take shape around an object, which would be useful too, but not needed. I'll see about that!

So... Nite peeps!
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what the fack
03 February 2009 @ 11:54 am

I hope he is a gentleman.

Men I'm in the middle of class, but I'm bored so, sup peeps!

Some guy shaved his eyebrow.

what the fack
03 February 2009 @ 01:48 am
Okay, first off I'll start by explaining this; in my country school works like this:

Elementary School: Grades 1-6
Middle school: Grades 1-3
High school: Grades 4-6

And usually the change from grade 3 to grade 4 is a big one, which in US would be from grade 9 to 10, and not such a big change :P

So yeah.

Tomorrow I'm gonna do an exam to try and get into a high school!!!
I'm gonna try to do as many as I can, in case I get rejected, but from this one, I doubt I will, since they have pretty low standards.

I took a tour with my school (which is composed of 50 students. No fucking joke.), actually just my grade (15 FUCKING PEOPLE. INCLUDING THE TEACHER.

ONE OF THE 6 TEACHERS, SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS WRONG WITH MY SCHOOL.) and the school itself is pretty nice in my opinion.. and it has a gym.
A god damn gym.
That you can use anytime of the day.
I seriously need one of those.

Also, this (or next) year I'm getting a car, because I'm gonna have to drive a "long" distance from my house to high school.
Ahh.. I was so used to having school 2 blocks from me.
Even in elementary school, my school was like 4 blocks away.

Anyway, car is cool. I'm getting a smart fortwo. I like it, it's cute, small, and can park wherever the hell i want it to.

Also that school is part of an um.. Network of schools around the globe, so I can actually go to Canada for a year or summer, which is a great idea, and my parents would really like that.
However, they think I'm too introverted, and they use that as an excuse to not letting me go yet. Meh, I can change. I think..

I was told I shouldn't even study for the exam, as it is a psychometric exam.
I hope I do well. I'd relaly like to be in that school. It's a nice school!
Also, with a little luck, I can get a 100% scholarship in it, but I doubt that!

They have this really cool thing where if you refer one person, you get a 10% scholarship, if you refer 3, you get 30%, 5 equals 50% and so on.

It's a damn good deal for them and me, because 10 students end up paying for me.
I'm hoping to refer some people!.. but I don't really know any younger people than me, or anyone who would want to transfer (yet). :/

Anyway, in the tour they showed the school as a really cool school and all that jazz, but of course, they work there. They are paid for that, so I don't trust them very much.
I'd rather see for myself..
But I like the school!! So yeah!!

Though they say they don't have any free periods at all.. from 7 to 3..
Not even lunch?
I really doubt that.
I wouldn't mind too much though, because I haven't had breakfast/school-lunch in the past 6 years, but 8 hours of class nonstop? Egh!
Ah well, I can manage.

If I don't get into that school, somehow, there's still a few more but I gotta schedule a date for an exam, yet, as I have only gone to this one I'm going to tomorrow..
Anyway, it's really late, I should be sleeping now, so nite peeps!

I dunno why I keep writing this journal, pretty much only two people read it, including me..
Ah well, I guess it's good to type my mind out every once in a while.
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what the fack
26 January 2009 @ 07:33 pm
The title was supposed to say 'PROGRESS'. Ha.


I went to an art store to see if they had epoxy putty, buuuut they did not.
They had clay though, so I used that to see how workable it was, and it's pretty nice!
So I decided to do that little practice for when I get epoxy putty. Maybe I can use this as a mold though.
Anyway i didn't work it with tool sor anything, i just molded it over lelouch's head, so it might look ugly, but I'll try to put as much detail as I can on the final figure. You can see what character I'm doing, too.

what the fack
25 January 2009 @ 03:26 am
Sup ma' niggs!?

I'm back from Disney! Those were the best two months of my LIFE.
Nah just kidding. I was there just for a week.
Pretty cool and all. I rode everything except for the milder roller coasters.

So I've been trying to do a mod of a figma, to no avail.
First I tried making one from scratch, which was utterly tedious so I dropped the idea. Next I thought about making it out of clay, which didn't work so well either. Then I tried using clay over my Lelouch figma to modify his appearance, and.. failed miserably as well.

So now after some googling, I came across information about the material they use to make figmas and am buying some, as well as maybe try and get some epoxy putty.

I'll make sure to post pictures of the process here.
what the fack
15 November 2008 @ 03:46 am

Sooo.. Here I am, at almost four am unable to sleep, and well I dunno. I'm quite bored, and I juat though I'd post it here!

So like last Tuesday was my birthday yay me. I'm fifteen now. I don't really like birthdays, I wish it was just a normal day, but I sure do use it to leech out of my parents' money.

Also, best tuesday I'm going p walt Disney world.
It's gonna be awesome!
I leave you now. Byes.

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what the fack
08 November 2008 @ 06:09 pm
So today I woke up with intense lower back pain in the morning. I figured it would be better if I walked around, so I got up and walked to the bathroom to pee. While I was peeing, I started to feel light headed and I started to feel like throwing up. Peeing seemed like an eternity, so when I finished, I headed to the sink and washed my hands, which also seemed like an eternity, then went back to bed. Still with back pain, but I was so light headed I just fell asleep in an instant.

Now I'm wondering if it was a dream, because I've seemed to confuse dreams with reality lately.

Anyway, yay Obama, go!
I don't really care about politics but whatever, everyone else seems to so yeaaaah.

My town recently got 3G internet, so I have high speed internet on my iPhone wherever I go. Lal.

I should get more active in LJ..
In fact, I should get a life.

Also, Bryce started recording a new album. That makes me happy!
His songs are the best I've heard, seriously.. If you don't think the same, then alright!


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what the fack
06 November 2008 @ 12:16 am
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