what the fack

Hmm.. Ok so, my name is Daniel, I like odd dressing styles, indie music, alternative rock, art, and other random stuff.
I will listen to any thing with a good beat, and I don't seem to like mostly anything mainstream. Not because it's mainstream, but it simply doesn't fit my tastes.. I have my exceptions, for example I like 'MIKA' and 'The Academy Is...', and a lot of other bands.

I listen to music all day, usually on one of my many huge headphones. I can't be a moment knowing I don't have my music on me, and I recently got an iPhone so I can have my music with me all the time, without having to carry it on a separate device!

People sometimes think I'm weird and rude, when I really don't mean to be, I just have a wicked sense of humor, and I really can't relate to other people's problems.

I dunno what else I could say about me, I'm not good at describing myself, but this will do for now!

I've stopped using IMing programs, however you can catch me on my iPhone, which is online 24/7 (most of the time.. unless I run out of battery and don't have an outlet near me.).
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